Ajax Venture Group provides start-up capital to Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Ajax Venture Group provides start-up capital to Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Ajax Venture Group has announced support for a local Olympia music web-based magazine, Contemporary Fusion Reviews. Ajax is providing start-up capital, technical advice and business support for the launch of this exciting new publication.

The new layout, format and concepts for the website will help to drive traffic to music promoter and player websites all around the globe, by using the latest and most advanced toolsets for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Various plans are offered that allow artists to get both expedited and expanded reviews of their material for a reasonable contribution to the magazine… Dick Metcalf, publisher and editor, said “This is a win-win for all who choose to use our services; our comprehensive and insightful reviews have been helping artists for over 20 years now.”
These new services for musicians were developed with the help and encouragement of several key promoters in the music business around the country and Canada; artists were already contributing significantly to a sister publication, but they were getting little in return for their contributions… Contemporary Fusion Reviews offers them a means to contribute and get wide distribution and awareness of their creations. The website will also publish banner ads that help drive traffic to an artist’s website and draw attention to their creations.

To get detailed information on the offerings for artists and promoters, and how to sign up with CFR, please visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and the Advertise With Us page.

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